SAMiya Korean Ginseng Food SAMiya Korean Ginseng Food

Samiya (ginseng)
like a friend!
Samiya is realizing
ESG management.
Guaranteed safety
from raw materials
to final consumption!
We will share
the benefits
from society.


Samiya food breaks the boundary of traditional makings of ginseng and red ginseng, and produces simple ginseng and red ginseng products that can be enjoyed in daily lives.
“Samiya” means food and drink made with ginseng. It’s a brand with pride and honesty of ginseng.

  • Made of Geumsan ginseng,
    a world famous place
    for ginseng!
    Cultivated at Geumsan, the global city of ginseng, is high in nutrition and ginsenoside.
  • We take pride
    in the healthy
    We use healthy sugarcane sugar, oligosaccharide and honey to bring out the healthy sweetness.
  • Lesser the smell of ginseng without harming the texture and nutritions! We blended a whole ginseng to keep the texture and nutritions, and added sweet rice for the scent.
Wherever, whenever, Samiya is there for your needs Come take a look at our Samiya products!

Samiya helps you with fatigue and heals your immunity!

  • Workers who constantly work overtime. “Exhausted from overtime work and loads of projects? Milk and red ginseng desert will keep you healthy! Say goodbye to your stacked tiredness!” Recommended Product
  • Students who stayed overnight for exam Studying all night for the test, the worried mother takes care with bitter red ginseng juice, which is rejected for its bad taste. Now, the red ginseng slices served as desert provides both health benefits and taste! Recommended Product
  • Worried of my kid catching a cold “Worried about my child catching a cold from the weather, he refuses anything good for his health. But he loves Aihong Kids. Want one more? Say goodbye to worries this winter!” Recommended Product

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